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A Guide To Choosing The Best Artificial Grass Samples For Your Project Artificial Super Grass

Artificial grass samples are ideal for those who want to upgrade their outdoor spaces but are worried that their new lawn or landscape will look fake. With a sizeable piece of sample turf, you can feel the quality of the blades, test the drainage ability of the backing materials, assess the density of the grass, and view the colour in various lights.

Artificial grass samples are essential for anyone thinking about installing an artificial lawn. And in this guide to choosing the best grass samples for your project, we’ll help you choose the right ones for the job.

Order Free Artificial Grass Samples

Any Artificial Grass Company worth their salt will offer free artificial grass sample packs to try before you buy. Why? It’s simple. If you sell a quality product, you want as many people as possible to see it. The best way to do this is by sending out complimentary samples for potential customers to view in the comfort of their home environment.

While some artificial grass companies in the UK charge for their sample packs, industry leaders such as Artificial Super Grass offer this service free of charge and allow you to choose up to six samples to get a good understanding of their range.

How To Choose Artificial Grass Samples

If you are new to artificial grass, you’ll be surprised at just how realistic modern materials are compared to the Astroturf of the 1980s, when everything was bright green, plastic-looking, and rough to the touch.

Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, modern artificial grass materials look and feel as good as the real thing, some say better, and a single application could last ten years or more with just 10 minutes of maintenance each month. But not all grasses are suitable for family gardens, children’s playgrounds, and entertainment areas. The longer the grass, the more likely it is to fall flat when subjected to heavy footfall, so you should consider the following options:

     1. Do You Have Children or Pets (or both)?

If the answer is yes, you should choose artificial grass samples with a pile height of 50mm or less and those marked ‘pet-friendly’. Artificial grass for dogs has perforated backing materials to drain urine from the surface and soft, paw-friendly fibres. 40mm fake grass has long, luxurious blades, but it is short enough to stand upright, even after boisterous playtimes, so you won’t have to brush it every five minutes to keep it looking its best. 

You could go up to 43mm artificial grass or even 45mm artificial grass if you want to give your garden the wow factor, but it may require a little more maintenance than the shorter versions. If in doubt, add 38mm, 40mm, 43mm and 45mm options to your free artificial grass sample pack to compare.

     2. Is It for Daily Use or Show?

If you use your garden frequently for entertaining, alfresco dining, and playing with the kids, we recommend installing 38mm or 40mm superior artificial grass that can withstand regular use. Shorter 30mm grass tends to be rougher than the longer alternatives, so it’s not ideal for children and pets, and 50mm VIP is ‘Simply the Best’.

If your artificial lawn is more for show than regular use, you can go for any pile height you like. In this instance, we recommend 45mm or 50mm artificial grasses. They are long, luxurious, super soft to the touch, and natural looking like the real thing.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Artificial grass prices vary from company to company, but pile height and density play a role in the overall cost. Longer, thicker grasses are usually more expensive than the shorter alternatives, but not always, so you should compare your options. And this is where artificial grass samples come in handy! At ASG, 43mm turf costs just £1 more per square metre than 40mm turf, so order both in your sample pack, place them side-by-side, and see which one you like most.

Choosing the perfect artificial grass for your garden, rental property, playground, or business premises will make a huge difference, so order those free samples and take advantage of this complimentary service offered by Artificial Super Grass.

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