£9.99 inc. VAT

£9.99 inc. VAT per Tube

Where to Use?

Joints: Use Artificial Grass Joint Adhesive in conjunction with Artificial Grass Joint Tape and Artificial Grass Securing U-Pins wherever you are joining 2 pieces of grass together.

Concrete: Aquabond is also great to use when sticking Artificial Grass onto concrete.


Joints: 1 tube of Adhesive covers approximately 3m to 4m in length of Joint Tape.

Concrete: 1 Tube of Adhesive approximately covers 5m² of Artificial Grass when used on concrete.

How to Use

Joints: For joining 2 pieces of grass together, apply the adhesive onto the white side of the Artificial Joint Tape in a zag-zag motion. Lay the Artificial Grass down and secure using Artificial Grass U-Pins or Galvanised Nails.

Concrete: Internal dots of Aquabond adhesive to be applied approximately 20mm in diameter and applied every 1m².

How to Purchase?

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