Why is artificial grass the correct choice for me?

Here are just a few benefits and why when you install an artificial lawn it will look great all year round:

  • No mowing.
  • No watering.
  • No weeding.
  • No feeding.
  • No more muddy paws.
  • No more muddy feet.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – 365 days a year.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Child friendly.
  • No brown urine patches.
  • Durable year after year.
  • Great for hay fever sufferers.
Where can I install artificial grass?

The simple answer is, anywhere! Providing the correct installation method is used, your artificial grass will look amazing. Here are just a few examples:

  • Gardens, front and rear.
  • Balconies.
  • Schools and children’s play areas.
  • Swimming pool and hot tub areas.
  • Patios and conservatories.
  • Roof gardens and terraces.
  • Over decking.
  • Over concrete.
  • Over paving slabs.
  • Shops.
  • Exhibitions and shows.
  • Pubs.

When installing on a solid base, e.g. a patio or concrete, only fit if there is adequate drainage and ensuring you use the correct adhesive.

How do I know which artificial grass to choose?

Artificial Super Grass would recommend you browse our product ranges here on the website (Budget, Mid-Range and Superior).

Please use the contact page to call or leave a message about arranging an appointment.

Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

Yes, installing artificial grass is environmentally friendly. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • No more watering in hot weather and so no huge water bills for those on a water meter.
  • No chemical fertilisers needed to maintain a lush lawn.
  • No weed killers needed to keep weeding issues at bay.
  • No electricity or petrol needed to use a lawnmower.

No more grass cuttings so less waste ending up in refuse sites around the UK.

How much does artificial grass cost?

Here at Artificial Super Grass we supply an artificial lawn to suit every budget. “Our Grass” page provides details.

Installation costs will vary depending on the exact site for the new lawn but will be provided clearly in our quote.

Does Artificial Super Grass offer a warranty on their grass products?

Yes, we do. Different products come with different lengths of guarantee; however, this will be somewhere between 5-10 years UV warranty against fading. Take a look at “Our Grass” page for detailed information of each individual product.

How long will my artificial grass last?

Each individual artificial grass product we offer comes with its own UV resistant guarantee ranging from 5 years up to 10 year. All our artificial lawns are manufactured using anti UV fibres to the highest of standards. These fibres are designed to last well in excess of 10 years. The durability is dependent upon which product is purchased and its exposure to natural wear and tear. If your garden generally sees a lot of traffic, we would advise a more expensive cut, if your garden doesn’t see much foot and paw traffic you may get away with cheaper priced artificial grass. It really all lies with your preference and budget.

Will my artificial grass fade?

No, it won’t. All our artificial grass is manufactured using anti UV fibres to the highest of standards. These fibres are designed to last well in excess of 10 years with no fading.

Can I use my barbeque on my artificial grass?

No, it is not recommended to put a barbeque on your artificial lawn. Although artificial grass isn’t flammable, under extreme temperatures the yarn used in manufacturing will melt so precaution is necessary.

Will weeds grow on my artificial grass?

No, weeds will not grow through your weed barrier membrane if it is installed correctly. Although it is good to be aware of birds flying overhead and dropping seeds on to your artificial lawn or wind-borne seeds taking hold in the grasses pile. These seeds should be removed immediately. However, should any manage to root before you spot them, simply pull them from the base on first sight. A garden vacuum or leaf blower is highly recommended.

Will insects be attracted to my artificial grass?

Your artificial lawn is a sterile environment so insects will not want to take residence.

How realistic is my artificial grass?

Our artificial grass is very realistic. Our suppliers’ manufacturing process has become so advanced over recent years that they now boast at owning the most sophisticated artificial grass technology.

Each artificial grass product offers its own unique aesthetic appearance ranging from a fresh green show room look, through to a realistic autumn looking cut grass. As well as this our artificial grass pile range starts from 20mm through to 38mm tall to satisfy each individual personal preference.

What sizes of artificial grass are available?

Our artificial grass product range is available in 2 metre and 4 metre widths and is available in complete lengths up to 25 metres long. We also provide varied pile height products ranging from 20mm though to 38mm, please see our “Our Grass” page for more details.

How do I clean my artificial grass?

There are numerous ways you can clean your artificial grass, once laid, due to its superior drainage properties;

  • Let nature take its course and leave the rain to do the cleaning.
  • Hose it down with a hosepipe.

Use a mild water based detergent – a knap sack sprayer or pressure bottle sprayer is recommended.

Should I use bleach on my artificial grass?

No, it is not recommended to use bleach on your artificial lawn. A mild water based detergent is recommended.

What maintenance is involved after installing artificial grass?

If we are completely honest, very little maintenance is involved. However, we would recommend that you

  • Remove any leaves, debris or seeds that may fall on to the surface
  • Give it a quick brush using a stiff outdoor brush every 2-3 months, to keeps the pile looking great all year round, a leaf blower is a fantastic alternative.
Can I use a leaf blower on my artificial grass?

Yes, it is fine to use a leaf blower on your artificial lawn, they are fantastic for keeping the pile looking fresh.

Can I use a hoover on my artificial grass?

Yes, it is fine to give your artificial grass a hoover. Lawn vacuums are the ideal choice.

Do I need to water my artificial grass?

No, you do not have to water your artificial grass.

Is my artificial grass flammable?

No, it isn’t flammable. However, it is recommended not to smoke or place barbecues on the artificial grass. Although the grass will not burn, under extreme temperatures the yarn used in manufacturing will melt, so precaution is necessary.

What makes artificial grass pet friendly?

There are a number of reasons why our artificial grass is pet friendly:

  • All of the exclusive products in our artificial grass range are comfortable to touch; your pets will love lying on your artificial lawn, especially in the summertime. Please note though, artificial grass can become warm to touch when the sun is beaming down which makes it feel wonderful. It is always recommended to have a clean bowl of drinking water readily available for your pets throughout the long summer days.
  • Here at Artificial Super Grass we feel “pet friendly” also constitutes the ability to clean and wash any pet excretions away with ease. Due to its superior drainage properties, simply remove any solids and then hose down, using a mild water based disinfectant should you wish.
  • Once your artificial grass is installed you will start feeling the benefits immediately. Any pet lover knows how hard it is to keep a lovely clean floor or carpet, especially in those winter months. With artificial grass there will be no more muddy paws from the garden… ever!
Will my artificial grass cope with pet pee and poop?

Yes, this is where artificial grass excels! Clean up the remains as normal with your poo bags and then simply hose down, or pressure spray down; you can even add a mild water based disinfectant if preferred.

Will my dog dig holes in my new artificial grass?

We have yet to come across a dog that wants to dig on an artificial lawn. In all honesty we don’t really know why dogs don’t try to dig. However, we cannot 100% guarantee this won’t happen as every dog’s temperament differs.

What makes artificial grass child friendly?

Artificial grass is child friendly for a number of reasons:

  • All of our products are extremely soft and gentle to touch. Your children will love playing on the artificial grass. Artificial lawns can become warm to touch when the sun is beaming down which makes it feel wonderful. The feel of the soft grass between your toes…
  • Once your artificial grass is installed you will start feeling the benefits immediately. No more dirty floors or carpets with children constantly running in and out, especially in those winter months. With artificial grass there’ll be no more muddy wellies to worry about.
Does Artificial Super Grass offer a supply and installation service?

Yes, we do. Take a look at our ‘Installation’ page for more details regarding the installation areas covered. We stay local to ensure we can offer you the best prices possible.

I don’t live in your installation area. Can I install artificial grass myself?

Anybody who has basic DIY skills can download our FREE installation guide on our “xxx” page. If your DIY skills are limited for whatever reason, then it is advised that you hire a professional artificial grass installer in your area who will fit the grass for you.

Does Artificial Super Grass offer a warranty period for their installation packages?

Yes, we do. We offer a full 12 months warranty on all of our installation packages.

My garden is 7 metres wide and your artificial grass is only available in 2 metres and 4 metres wide, what do I do?

This isn’t a problem. In this situation we would recommend purchasing 2 x rolls of 4 metres wide product which would give you 8 metres width in total. By forming a joint down the middle of your garden, this would ensure you have enough grass to cover the 7 metres needed, allowing plenty of surplus at the edges for trimming in.

How do I join the artificial grass together?

Once a suitable sub-base has been prepared:

  • Lay your 2 rolls of grass side by side making sure the directional pile on both rolls are pointing in the same direction.
  • Once you have both rolls in place so there is a 2mm gap between the latex backings on both rolls of artificial turf.
  • Peel both edges back to reveal the weed barrier membrane.
  • Roll out the artificial grass joint tape equally down where the joint will be formed and fix with galvanised nails through the sub-base.
  • Now apply artificial grass adhesive to the tape using a mastic gun and spread using a spatula. (Approximate coverage, 1 tube of adhesive = 4 linear metres of joint tape.)
  • Gently fold both rolls of grass back down, easing the latex backings towards one another whilst taking care not to trap the pile, loosely fluffing the surface as you go.
Does rainwater puddle on artificial grass?

No, if the installation has been carried out correctly there will not be any visible water puddles.

All of our artificial grass has been specifically designed and manufactured with fantastic drainage properties. Drainage holes are pre-punched into the latex backing upon manufacture and this feature makes your artificial lawn permeable and so has excellent drainage. However, if the current garden is susceptible to flooding, expert advice would be required.

My garden is prone to flooding; can I still install artificial grass?

Yes, artificial grass can be installed but it is essential that the correct sub-base is used.

If you have had previous problems with your garden flooding, we advise expert advice is required prior to installing artificial grass.

Do Artificial Super Grass offer an installation service if I purchase grass from another company?

No, we do not offer this service. Here at Artificial Super Grass we only offer installation packages for our own artificial grass range.

How long will my Artificial Super Grass installation package take to be completed once started?

We aim to complete the whole installation to the highest of standards in the shortest time possible, so customers can relax and enjoy their new luxurious artificial lawn.

Just to give you an idea here’s a few approximate timescales, these can vary as every installation is different for many reasons.

  • 24 Square metre Installation could take 1 working day.
  • 48 Square metre Installation could take 1 to 2 working days.
  • 72 Square metre Installation could take 2 to 3 working days.
  • 96 Square metre Installation could take 3 to 4 working days.

PLEASE NOTE: These timescales are only approximate. Completion days will be dependable upon which installation package is chosen, how adequate access to the work site is, and how many individuals of the team are assigned to your particular installation project.

How do I know which sub-base to install for my artificial grass?

Every artificial lawn installation is bespoke, and so there isn’t a straightforward answer to this one I’m afraid. Alternatively, us a call on 0800 246 1809 we will be more than happy to help.

Which way should I lay my artificial grass?

Artificial grass can be laid any way you feel is right for your garden shape. When measuring up for your new artificial lawn we always try to keep the joints down to a minimum; if at all possible, measure the lawn in the way which would avoid any joints.

Our artificial grass is available in 2 metre and 4 metre widths; therefore, you would use the same measuring method as if you were measuring for a new carpet in your home. It is important to note that your artificial grass has a directional pile so remember this when you are measuring up for quantities. If you need a joint in the middle of your artificial lawn, it is imperative that the directional pile continues to run in the same direction, please see our easy DIY ‘Installation Guide’ page for more information.

What do I use at the edges of my artificial grass?

You would edge your artificial grass in exactly the same way as natural grass. Flagstones, sandstone, sleepers, fencing boards, or timber all do a suitable job of forming a finished edge to your new artificial lawn.

How do I cut my artificial grass when installing?

It is recommended to always cut your artificial grass from the back using a sharp cutting knife (Stanley knife). It is important to always keep renewing your blade to allow premium quality cuts. Always wear suitable gloves and, most importantly, take your time.

Does my artificial grass require infill?

No, it doesn’t. Although if you prefer to you can use an infill product (e.g. Kiln dried sand or silica sand) to weigh the artificial grass down. Here at Artificial Super Grass we prefer to secure the grass by using galvanised artificial grass U-Pins.

Will my artificial grass move once installed?

No, it won’t. As long as your sub-base has been installed using the correct methods and you use artificial grass U-Pins.

Can I install my artificial grass on top of old existing lawn?

No. we do not recommend this. The old grass will rot down leaving your new artificial grass with a very uneven bumpy appearance. It would not look good at all. A sub-base is required when installing artificial grass.

Can my artificial grass be laid on slopes?

Yes, it is fine to install artificial grass onto slopes.

Secure artificial grass to slopes using artificial grass U-Pins will ensure movement doesn’t occur.

Can I park my car on my artificial grass?

It is not recommended to park a car on artificial grass.

Can I install a rotary washing line on my artificial lawn?

If you are requiring a rotary washing line installed it is recommended to form a concrete pad with the ground spike installed prior to your artificial grass installation. It is not recommended to fit a rotary washing line after your artificial grass has been installed as this may damage your artificial lawn.