Artificial grass can be installed more or less anywhere, inside or out. Whilst its ideal in residential gardens, its often used in public spaces and children’s play areas too.

A typical installation can take anywhere from 1 day up to 1 week dependable upon size.

We fully prepare your garden area and dispose of any old turf, soil or rubble waste away so it’s always clean and tidy for you.

How An Installation Works

We have a six-step installation process:

Existing Lawn

We arrive when your existing lawn is in place.

Artificial Grass With Straightforward And Simple Installation
Artificial Super Grass Installation Services Doncaster
Artificial Grass Installation Doncaster Garden Transformation

Step One: Excavation

We remove any existing turf or paving to prepare the area and excavate approx. 80mm below the level of the new lawn.

Artificial Grass With Straightforward And Simple Installation Process

Step Two - Weed Membrane Layer 1

The first layer of weed membrane is laid.

Artificial Grass With Simple Installation Process
Artificial Grass Easy Installation
Artificial Grass Simple Installation

Step Three: Sub-base Creation

We fill 70mm with compacted ash. This forms the perfect base for the artificial grass and has fantastic drainage properties.

Artificial Grass With Easy Installation Process

Step Four - Weed Membrane Layer 2

A further layer of weed membrane is laid – no weeds are coming up under your new lawn!

Artificial Grass With Easy Installation Process
Artificial Grass Clean and Tidy Installation
Artificial Turf Clean and Tidy Installation

Step Five: Fit, Trim, Secure

Your artificial grass is laid, trimmed to size and fixed in place. We use approximately 100 galvanised 150mm U pins per 10m2*, so that there is no movement whatsoever.

Artificial Grass With Easy and Simple Installation Process

Step Six - Power Brush

Your new grass is power brushed so that every blade is in place and your lawn looks and feels amazing. We then leave you to relax and enjoy your new, luxurious environment.

Artificial Grass With Straightforward Installation Process
Artificial Turf Installation

* Please note: We do NOT use kiln dried sand to hold your lawn in place as this provides a germinating base for seeds to sprout.