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50 U-Pins per pack

Where to Use?

3mm Green Powder Coated Securing U-Pins are generally used for smaller pile height Artificial Grass products to prevent normal silver colour securing fixings remaining visible after installation. The powder coated green colour helps to disguise fixings within the grass pile.

TIP: Generally used on Artificial Grass pile heights: 10mm to 30mm


Use Green U-Pins to secure your artificial grass around the perimeter of your lawn if you are NOT using a timber or composite edging system and ideally install 200mm apart.


Use Green U-Pins internally on your lawn area, it is recommended to add 1 U-Pin every m2.


Use Green U-Pins where 2 pieces of artificial grass are joined together. For premium results use with artificial grass joint tape and artificial grass joint adhesive and fix every 200mm apart. Pin using a ‘ZIP’ effect to tie both pieces of grass together.

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