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Why Artificial Grass in Wakefield Looks Great All Year Round Artificial Super Grass

Why Artificial Grass in Wakefield Looks Great All Year Round

The benefits of synthetic grass are well-documented, and if you are thinking about installing Artificial Grass in Wakefield we are sure that you have already done your research on this premium landscaping material. It is luxurious, low-maintenance, and you can install it on almost any surface, making it a smart investment for family homes, business premises, and commercial spaces.

Best of all, artificial grass looks great all year round, no matter what the weather decides to throw at it, and so you can enjoy your synthetic lawn in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with each season bringing its own rewards.

In this complete guide, we will explain why imitation grass is perfect for creating all year-round gardens, children's playgrounds, entertainment spaces, and rooftop terraces with top tips on what you should expect from your new evergreen lawn.


All-Season Synthetic Grass For Domestic & Commercial Installations

Artificial grass is one of this year's biggest gardening trends and, with thousands of British homeowners choosing this realistic landscaping material over any other, it is a trend that will continue to grow. Here we look at the benefits of synthetic grass in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, along with details on how to look after it in all weather conditions.


The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Spring

We all love spring. It’s a time when we can blow away those winter blues, venture out into our gardens, and pack away our woolly jumpers for another year. But spring can be a stressful time of year for gardeners who need to spend most of their free time fertilising their lawns, removing dead patches, and dealing with stubborn weeds.

With an artificial lawn, you don’t have any additional lawn maintenance to contend with during the spring months, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time ‘spring cleaning’. If you are thinking about installing it between March and June, you should contact your local artificial grass company well in advance. As you can imagine, spring is the busiest time of the year for garden makeovers, and most reputable landscaping companies get booked up months ahead.

Here are our top tips on maintaining artificial grass in spring:

   If it has been a cold winter with heavy snowfall, spring is the perfect time of the year to inspect your lawn for damage. While superior synthetic grass can withstand all weather conditions, additional debris from broken branches and bushes can block some of the drainage holes if not removed promptly, so brush it thoroughly and remove any blockages.

   Check for weeds. They shouldn’t be an issue if you installed your artificial grass with two layers of weed membrane, but not all astro turf is 100% impervious to weeds. If you find any, remove them as early as possible with the root attached.

   Tidy up your plant pots and flower beds so that the rest of the garden looks as pristine as your imitation lawn.


The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Summer

Summertime and the living is easy… Okay, maybe not as easy as we’d like here in West Yorkshire, but when we do get a summer's day and the temperatures start to rise, there is nothing better than heading out into the garden for a spot of al fresco dining, summer barbecues, and family get- togethers. With an artificial lawn, you can do just that, and entertain your friends at the drop of a hat, without worrying about mowing the grass before they arrive. The beauty of artificial grass is that it is UV protected, and so the sun can shine all day long, and it will not fade or discolor. It’s water-resistant, so it can easily cope with summer showers, and as it is soft underfoot, it provides the perfect platform for paddling pools, picnic blankets, and toddlers playpens.

Due to increased usage during this time of the year, your synthetic lawn may require a little extra
TLC. Here’s how to keep it summer-ready:

   Garden furniture and heavy footfall can weigh-down the blades of imitation grass and leave it looking flat. To prevent this, move chairs and tables regularly and use a power brush or synthetic broom to keep the blades standing upright.

   Dog urine can become a problem during the summer months if it is not cleaned up quickly. Try to stay on top of your pet’s peeing antics, and hose down your artificial lawn regularly with a bio-detergent or homemade white vinegar or zoflora for pets and water blend to keep unpleasant odours at bay.

   Synthetic turf gets hotter than real grass when exposed to direct sunlight, so use parasols, gazebos, and umbrellas to create shaded areas for children and pets. Wear sandals or flip- flops on particularly hot days.


The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Autumn

We hate to say goodbye to summer, but autumn can be a beautiful time of year here in Yorkshire With an artificial lawn, you can continue to use your outdoor space throughout the season without worrying about your kids or dog ruining the appearance of your garden.

As the autumn leaves of your deciduous trees start to turn golden brown and drop to the ground, you’ll have to rake your lawn like everyone else, but you’ll have little else to do in the gardening department. This is one of those times of the year when you will remind yourself just how smart you were to invest in fake grass. It’s just so easy!

As we move towards November, the rainiest month of the year in Wakefield, you should start preparing your artificial lawn for winter with these top tips:

    Pack away any garden furniture that you have on your synthetic grass, and move it onto a decked or paved area. This will allow the blades to stand freely and prevent stubborn indents that may be difficult to remove in spring.

   Rake frequently to remove fallen leaves and foliage. If left to accumulate, they could attract mould, moss, and even weeds.

   As artificial grass has an integrated drainage system, you don’t have to worry about heavy downpours, and you’ll never have to clean up muddy paw prints again. If any puddles do develop, inspect the area for blockages, and if in doubt, call your local artificial grass company.


The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Winter

One of the many reasons homeowners in Wakefield install an artificial lawn is for its year-round resilience, and this comes to fore in winter. When everyone else’s garden starts to look a little worse for wear, your artificial lawn will stand out in all its glory, with no bald spots, brown patches, or muddy areas.

"Artificial Grass in Wakefield can easily withstand frost and snow, which adheres to the synthetic fibres and transforms it into a winter wonderland. It creates the perfect backdrop for festive gatherings, and if there’s sufficient snow, your kids and grandkids can still head out to make a snowman.

Unlike real grass, synthetic turf does not freeze and break with heavy snowfall, and it will not lose its color. As the frost melts, it will drain away through the drainage holes to leave it looking just as good as it did before, and there is perhaps nothing more beautiful than a lush green lawn on a cold winter’s day.
Artificial grass requires little maintenance in winter. To keep it in perfect condition:

    Remove any heavy objects such as garden furniture, plant pots, and children’s toys.

    Let frost and ice melt naturally. We do not recommend moving snow, but if you want to do so, use caution, and remove it using a plastic shovel or synthetic brush.

    Synthetic grass may become slippery with frost. If you need to walk across your garden regularly, to access a compost bin for example, consider this when installing your artificial lawn and discuss the options available with your landscaping company.

Artificial lawns really are an all-season staple for family homes, and if you love the idea of a low-maintenance garden that you can use all year round, speak to the professionals at Artificial Super Grass today.

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