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Why Installing Artificial Grass in Hull Schools is the Perfect Choice Artificial Super Grass

Why Installing Artificial Grass in Hull Schools is the Perfect Choice

Schools have a duty of care when it comes to playground safety and, if you are looking to develop
your school grounds and create a secure environment for sports and play, artificial grass could be
the perfect landscaping material for the job. It’s hard wearing, weather-resistant, and virtually
maintenance-free, and a single installation could last more than 10-years when you buy superior
Artificial Grass in Hull.

The benefits of synthetic grass are well-documented, and thanks to modern advances in technology,
it is softer and more realistic than ever before. When installed professionally, it can transform a
muddy field into a year-round sports surface, and a concrete playground into a soft-fall zone that
could help keep school children safe from injury. It is the ultimate flooring for learning
environments, and in this complete guide, we’ll explain why installing artificial in schools is a perfect

The Best Artificial Grass For Schools and Nurseries

Like most landscaping materials, there are different quality grades when it comes to imitation grass.
And while most schools and nurseries have a limited budget for improving school grounds, you
should consider investing in the best that you can afford if you want to maximise your investment.
The higher the quality, the longer it will last, and with hundreds of pupils running, jumping, and
playing on it every month, you need the best artificial grass for schools on the market.

Look for a superior astroturf with a pile height of between 30mm and 40mm, this is long enough to
create a cushioned landing should children trip or fall, and short enough to prevent it from falling
flat after weeks of repetitive use. Plastic grass with brown thatch looks far more realistic than the
pure green alternatives, so consider this when comparing products, and choose turf with soft blades.

Key features to look out for include UV stabilisation, an integrated drainage system, and a
manufacturer’s guarantee of at least 10-years so you can be confident that it will last. With the right
artificial turf, you can create durable sports fields, safe play areas, and inspiring outdoor spaces,
while minimising the risk of foreseeable harm.

10 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools

Now you know what to look out for when it comes to buying synthetic grass for your school, we can
look at the key benefits that it will bring to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

1. Low Maintenance

     Artificial grass requires little maintenance when compared to real grass, with no watering,
     mowing, or weeding required, so it could dramatically reduce the amount you spend on
     annual gardening costs and gardener fees. It could lower your water and electricity bills too,
     and free up a large portion of your annual school budget for you to invest in other areas.
     When you purchase a superior product, it will last for at least 10-years, and when you
     consider the amount of money you will save over that time, it will more than pay for itself within just a
     couple of years.

2. Cleaner and Greener

      Unlike real turf, that can be pretty muddy all year round in Hull synthetic grass is naturally
      clean and infinitely green. You can let your pupils play on it irrespective of the season and
      weather conditions, and never have to worry about bare patches, deep puddles, grass stains or muddy footprints again. It’s a great all-rounder when it comes to playgrounds and sports fields, and as it doesn’t need sunlight to thrive, you can install it underneath play equipment
      and in shaded areas where real grass wouldn’t grow.

3. Allergy-Free

   Stats released by Allergy UK indicate that as many as 40% of our children suffer from allergic
   rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever, which is caused by allergens in the air such as
   pollen, grass seeds, and dust. Natural grass is full of these allergens in the summer months
  and can leave kids feeling irritated and fatigued, and impair their concentration levels and
  ability to learn.

  With artificial grass, you don’t have these allergens, so your pupils are less likely to suffer
  from itchy eyes and a runny nose, and more likely to concentrate on their schoolwork. It
  doesn’t attract insects either, so it can help reduce the chances of insect bites and wasp

4. No Harmful Toxins

    Imitation grass is naturally weed-free and doesn’t require fertilisers, weed killers, and
    pesticides like real grass. The toxins in these chemical substances can be particularly harmful
    to children and can transform a school sports field into a hazardous zone. With fake grass,
    the only product you need is a homemade blend of white vinegar and water or an artificial
    grass cleaner made from 100% natural ingredients to keep your playground clean and toxin-

5. Safe Play Environment

    Schools in the UK are obliged to comply with strict government safety requirements and
    provide suitable and safe premises for pupils to use during playtimes. Artificial grass can help
    you comply with these requirements, especially when installed with a foam underlay, by
    absorbing impacts and cushioning falls. It’s softer than other landscaping materials such as
    rubber and cleaner than mulch, bark, and sand and, when your pupils take a fall, which they
    invariably will, they are more likely to bounce straight back up on soft, superior synthetic

6. Ideal For Any Surface

    You can install artificial grass on almost any surface to create an even playing field or
    adventure playground. When installed by a team of professionals, you can overcome
    common obstacles such as uneven terrain, and make the most of areas that you haven’t
    used in the past due to shade. It is as versatile as it is practical, and whether you want to
    cover a concrete playground or a muddy field, synthetic turf will help you achieve your
    landscaping goals.

7. Durability

    Artificial grass is extremely durable and can easily withstand high levels of heavy traffic at
    playtimes and during physical education classes. You can let your pupils play on it to their
    heart’s content without worrying about them wearing-out the surface, and dramatically
    improve the amount of time they spend outside.

8. The Ultimate Sports Surface

    First designed for sports surfaces, artificial grass, or AstroTurf as it was known back then, has
    all the characteristics you need to create a sporting platform. It’s hardwearing, it cushions
    falls when installed with a padded underlay, and it is suitable for use in all weathers. While
    many schools in Hull use synthetic grass to create a versatile sports field, leading universities
    use it to landscape tennis courts, rugby playing-grounds, football pitches, and cricket
   grounds. It is the ultimate surface for sporting activities, and by covering a larger area, you
   can host national school sporting events and put your educational institution in the

9. Quick To Install

     The beauty of artificial grass is that it is quick to install, and you can start using it
     immediately. With a professional landscaping company such as Artificial Super Grass, you
     can transform your outdoor spaces in less than a week, and completely renovate your
     playground and sports field during a half-term break. Once installed, there is no downtime,
    and your pupils can start using it straight away. It provides an immediate solution to
   everyday landscaping problems, making it ideal for nurseries, schools, and universities alike.

10. Aesthetics


  Modern synthetic grass is aesthetically pleasing, and when done right, it looks just as good
      as the real thing. It retains its natural appearance throughout the seasons, with no brown
      patches in summer and muddy puddles in winter, and so your pupils can use it all year
      round. It can transform the most tired-looking landscape into fun adventure ground or
      stylish sports field, and instantly upgrade the outdoor space of any school.

When you look at the long list of advantages, it is easy to understand why installing artificial grass in
schools is a perfect choice. Once you have covered the initial costs of buying the grass and having it
installed by a team of professionals, you’ll have nothing further to pay for years. You’ll save money
on utilities and gardening costs, and you’ll keep your pupils safe with a soft landscaping solution for
sports and play.

For a free consultation and a no-obligation quotation, get in touch with Artificial Super Grass today.
We’re Yorkshire’s leading supplier of Artificial Grass in Hull for schools.

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