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artificial grass for dogs

Do you want to replace your space with time savings, cost-effective, and fresh artificial grass? If yes, then this guide matches your interest and need. This article will tell you about pet-friendly artificial grass and how to maintain it.

What Does Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Mean?

As the name suggests, pet-friendly artificial grass means artificial grass that is good for pets' health and safety. If you have pets, you may know that without the proper care of artificial grass for your pets, it may smell weird, have weird stains, and become the cause of bacteria. This is why it is crucial to maintain artificial grass for your pets and keep it as Pet-friendly artificial grass.

What Makes Artificial Grass Friendly for Your Pets?

It is determined that artificial grass is safe for your pets or dogs. The fact is that some grass works better than others. The things that make Pet-friendly artificial grass is because they are non-toxic and safe for pets to play on.

The Pet-friendly artificial grass is non-absorbent, highly durable, and allows for better drainage by eliminating odours and discolouration.

Proper drainage means that pets' urine and other liquids flow through the drains easily. Any remnants are also easy to wash away from the artificial grass. In this way, it helps to prevent the smells and messes caused by pets.

Do and don'ts during the artificial grass maintenance

If you want to ensure pet safety and make the turf pet friendly, here are some guidelines you should follow to maintain the Pet-friendly artificial grass

Can Pets Poop and Pee on Artificial Grass?

Do- You must clean the pet turf like you do your lawn.

Don't- Leave the pet waste on artificial grass for more days

The process of proper porous backing permits easy drainage of pets' liquids and urine, so you should add a quick rinse to ensure that there are no remnants left.

Can They Play and Dig In Artificial Grass?
Do- You should allow your pets to continue playing on Pet-friendly artificial grass as before

Don't- Use any products on artificial grass.

Ensure the spray or detergent is pet friendly before using it on artificial turf. You do not need to worry if you have a pet that loves to dig.

Does Artificial Grass Require Water?

Do- Spray your lawn one or two times a month. If you choose a pressure washer, spray it from a specific distance.

Don't jet wash your lawn, and harsh washes may damage the base and grass fibres.
Also, There is no need to water the artificial grass. If you want to make the space look the best, you can wash the artificial grass lightly once or twice a month only.

Wrapping It Up

Pet-friendly artificial grass is the best choice for pets. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain it best to ensure it is pet friendly.

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