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Can I BBQ on Artificial Grass? Artificial Super Grass

Can I BBQ on Artificial Grass?

We love a barbecue here in Great Britain, and if current surveys are anything to go by, it is one of our all-time favourite summer traditions. It provides us with the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family, dine alfresco, and rustle-up some culinary creations on the grill, and so it is no surprise that we’ve seen a BBQ boom during the Coronavirus lockdown.

But can you BBQ on artificial grass? In this complete guide, we’ll provide you with top tips on how to get your garden ready for a summer of entertaining and keep your synthetic lawn in perfect condition throughout the barbecue season.

The Lockdown Barbecue Boom

Lockdown has been tough on us all, especially as it happened during one of the sunniest springs on record. It was a case of we’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, which is perhaps why many of us decided to makeover our gardens with artificial grass in Wath Upon Dearne, and transform our outdoor spaces into year-round entertainment areas.

Barbecuing, it seems, has become a weekend staple across the UK, with a study by Tesco revealing that more than 50 per cent of us have cooked outside during lockdown. Twenty-six per cent of us have hosted a “socially distanced” alfresco gathering since we were first confined to homes back in March, and one in ten of us have even braved the rain to cook up a storm outdoors. We want to spend more time outside, whatever the weather and a synthetic lawn allows us to do just that.

On Independence Day, 4th July, the UK Government decided to give us back some independence by allowing us to invite our ‘support bubble’ of friends and family to our homes. We can even invite up to six people from different households if we host our BBQs outside, all while observing social distancing of course, and so there has never been a greater need for a well-manicured lawn.

As a result, the demand for artificial grass has skyrocketed in recent months, with sales soaring by as much as 200 per cent on previous years. So if you intend to join the imitation lawn revolution, the timing has never been better to upgrade your garden with low-maintenance turf that will allow you to entertain as often as you like.

Artificial Grass and BBQs: What You Need To Know

Artificial grass is one of the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing landscaping materials available on the UK market today. With advances in technology, it is more realistic than ever before, and with a single installation of superior turf lasting 10-years or more, it is an investment for singles, couples, and families who love to spend time outdoors.

But is it safe to BBQ on a synthetic lawn? Can artificial grass catch fire? Will it melt? We’ll address each of these important points below so that you can barbecue safely this summer, while keeping your fake grass in perfect condition.

Barbecuing on Artificial Grass

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Artificial Super Grass is, “Can I barbecue on artificial grass?” and the answer to that is yes, and no! It all depends on the type of grill that you are using and the size of your garden.

In the case of small disposable BBQs, those that sit close to the floor, then we would say no, you shouldn’t use them on your synthetic lawn under any circumstances. The heat will cause damage, as we’ll explain later, and they could end up ruining your turf, so if you are using this type of grill, keep it well away from your fake grass and use it on a paved area instead.

If you have a free-standing BBQ such as a Weber, then yes, you could potentially use it on your artificial lawn providing you use it on top of a thermoplastic rubber protective mat to prevent damage from grease and hot embers. However, we would only recommend this if you are strictly limited on space, and do not have anywhere else to place your barbeque.

If you decide to go down this route, buy the biggest grill mat you can find, use only gas or charcoal to fuel your barbecue (not wood), and keep your eye on it at all times. You should remove the mat immediately once the BBQ has cooled and power-brush the turf to lift the blades that will have fallen flat underneath it.

We should stress that this is a last-resort solution and not ideal. If you have a paved, decked, or gravelled area, we recommend that you place your barbecue on that surface, rather than your imitation grass, to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Is Artificial Grass Flammable – Can It Catch Fire?

Most synthetic grass is not flammable, and it will not catch fire. If you purchase a quality product from an established retailer, you can install it with confidence in your family garden but, for peace of mind, we always recommend buying artificial grass from your trusted local supplier.

Turf sold through online outlets such as Amazon may not meet British safety standards, so always check if it has any fire-rated certifications before you buy. In the UK, superior synthetic grass is fire-resistant and safe to install on almost any surface, making it the ideal backdrop for a summer of entertaining.

Does Artificial Grass Melt?

While imitation grass doesn’t catch fire, it is a synthetic material, and as such, it can melt if exposed to flames, high temperatures, or hot objects. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your barbecue away from your artificial lawn wherever possible, and take extra precautions if you have smokers in your garden.

Much like hot embers, cigarette butts can leave a burn mark on artificial grass, which could ruin the appearance of your entire lawn, so ask smokers to stand on paved areas while having a cigarette, and make sure they extinguish them responsibly. On windy days, use an enclosed garden ashtray to prevent any stray sparks from scattering across your lawn. Subtle safety measures like these will keep your lawn looking its best while allowing you to enjoy your garden year-round

If you have a patio or decked area, we recommend placing your barbecue here. It not only provides a solid foundation to support your grill, but it frees-up your artificial lawn for the kids to play on and your guests to sit on, away from any potential hazards.

Can You Repair Artificial Grass?

While prevention is always better than cure, the good news is, you can repair artificial grass if it does get a small burn mark from a BBQ or cigarette, and restore it to its natural beauty. You can cut out the damaged patch and replace it with a new piece of grass, providing you still have a piece leftover from the initial installation, although you might want to call in the professionals if you want a seamless finish.

Of course, the older your synthetic lawn is, the more visible the patch is likely to be, at least in the short term, but it will soon blend it if you use exactly the same type of grass.

By removing potential burn hazards from your artificial lawn, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage, so keep BBQs and cigarettes away from the surface, and your investment will last for a good 10-years or more.

Why Artificial Grass Is The Perfect Surface For Outdoor Entertaining

Nothing beats a family barbecue on a beautiful sunny day, and with a synthetic lawn, you can head outdoors throughout the seasons and grill to your heart’s content. It always looks neat and tidy, so you won’t have to worry about your garden looking a mess when your friends arrive, and all it needs is the odd raking and brushing to keep it looking its best.

It can transform the most unattractive of outdoor spaces into a luxury retreat that guarantees to impress your friends while being the envy of your neighbours. It’s long-lasting, low-maintenance, and it’s safe for children and pets, and by following our useful tips above, you can BBQ in your garden with confidence, knowing that your investment will last and your garden will always look great.

Alas, we can’t say that about the cooking and, if you’re prone to burning beef burgers and sizzling sausages beyond recognition, it might be time to hand over the barbecue tongs to another family member. But we’ll leave that for you to decide!

Call Artificial Super Grass now for more information on installing artificial grass in Wath Upon Dearne. We’re your friendly local suppliers, and we’ll give you top tips on how to BBQ in style this summer.

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