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Artificial Grass Leeds: Next Generation Turf Becomes The New Norm Artificial Super Grass

Artificial Grass Leeds: Next Generation Turf Becomes The New Norm

Artificial grass in Leeds has never been more popular. And, when Leeds United announced that it would be installing fake grass on the steps at Elland Road to make them less of a slip hazard, demand for third-generation astroturf skyrocketed across the city.

Schools in Leeds decided to revamp their football pitches with child-friendly artificial grass, and pub landlords used it to upgrade their beer gardens for those post-lockdown drinks. But it was homeowners, businesses, and property developers who embraced this new landscaping trend most by replacing labour-intensive lawns with this modern, low-maintenance alternative.

So why is artificial grass so popular in Leeds and surrounding areas? It seems the lockdown effect has much to do with it. With many of us forced to spend more time at home and weekend outings limited to grocery shopping, we’re concentrating on those home and garden improvements that we’ve been putting off for years.

As a result, online sales of home improvement, gardening, and landscaping products grew by almost 50 per cent in 2020, and retailers are not expecting the boom to slow anytime soon.

10 Reasons To Install Artificial Grass Leeds

In the post-pandemic world in which we live today, artificial grass installation in Leeds has become the new norm. Here are our top 10 tips for why you should use it to transform your outdoor spaces:

    1. 1. Low-Maintenance

Whether you buy cheap artificial grass in Leeds or the best quality artificial grass, you can pack away your lawnmower for good. Synthetic landscaping materials require no watering, weeding, fertilising, or mowing, and you can maintain them in as little as 10-minutes per month. To keep your artificial lawn looking its best, you should aim to rake it once a month (or more often if needed) to remove fallen leaves and twigs and brush it as often as necessary with a stiff broom with synthetic bristles. If you have dogs, remove any pet waste immediately and rinse regularly to remove urine and unpleasant odours from the surface.

    1. 2. Mess & Mud Free

With an average of 10-days rain per month, Leeds is one of the wettest cities in the UK. And this can lead to all kinds of problems in the garden. Heavy rainfall washes away the nourishing nutrients that grass needs to grow, and waterlogging can turn a perfectly manicured lawn into a mud bath. Laying artificial grass will put an end to all your wet-weather woes. Providing you install a perforated material on a sub-base that drains well, you’ll never have to worry about a muddy lawn, mucky pawprints, or mud-spattered kids again. You’ll be able to use it year-round, whatever the weather, as will your children and pets.

    1. 3. Pet-Friendly

3G artificial grass is 100% pet-friendly and free from chemicals and toxins that could be harmful to your four-legged friends. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t attract ticks and fleas, so you are less likely to find them in your garden (and on your pets!), and it can put an end to annoying digging habits for good. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing processes, fake grass is softer and more realistic than ever before. Your dogs and cats will soon get used to it, and when they do, you may find that they want to spend more time playing and sleeping in your garden and less time trying to bury treats and bones.

    1. 4. You Can Install It On Any Surface

Did you know that you can install artificial grass on concrete, decking, paving slabs, and tarmac? With the correct sub-base, you can install it on almost any surface and transform an unused space into a beautiful green lawn. You can also lay plastic grass on balconies, rooftop terraces, patios, and interior design projects such as feature walls, making it one of the most versatile landscaping materials available today.

    1. 5. Saves Time & Money

The benefits of laying artificial grass in Leeds is that it will save you time and money in the long run. When you invest in quality material, such as superior grass by Artificial Super Grass, it will last 10-years or more with minimal maintenance, and you’ll never need to buy weed killer, fertiliser, or pesticides again. You won’t need to employ the services of a gardener to mow your lawn, and you could save money on your water bills as you’ll never need to water your grass.

With an artificial lawn, you can spend your weekends doing the things you love most, and you can entertain family and friends at short notice, without worrying about getting your garden in order before they arrive. The most you’ll have to do is brush it over to get all the blades standing upright; the rest of the day is your own.

    1. 6. Adds Value To Homes & Rental Properties

Modern artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and it is more realistic than ever before with coloured thatch, a mix of straight and curly blades, and naturally green shades to create the illusion of natural grass. It has the wow factor, and it guarantees that the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

When potential renters or buyers come to look at your property, welcoming them with an artificial lawn creates a lasting first impression, and we all know that’s what really counts. Many tenants will love that they don’t have to maintain a garden, especially students, and new buyers will look more favourably on your home, knowing that the lawn requires zero work.

    1. 7. Ideal For Shady Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

Even experienced gardeners can struggle with shaded gardens and, if your grass refuses to grow, artificial grass installers in Leeds can help you achieve your landscaping goals. Best quality artificial grass has UV stabilised fibres to ensure it never discolours or fades, so you can install it anywhere, indoors and out, where organic grass will not grow. It is perfect for shady spaces such as underneath trees, in courtyards, and covered entertainment zones, and as it doesn’t need sunlight to survive, you’ll never have to worry about brown patches again.

    1. 8. Perfect For DIY Projects

Artificial grass is surprisingly easy to install and ideal for DIY projects. If you choose a material with quality backing materials, UV protected fibres, and drainage perforations, you can fit it on any surface with the right accessories and tools you already have at home. The key to a successful installation is creating the perfect sub-base. Artificial Super Grass provides free fitting guides with every purchase, explaining how to install astroturf in easy-to-follow steps. You could save thousands of pounds by installing it yourself, especially if you have a big garden and, the satisfaction of knowing that you created the perfect lawn is priceless.

    1. 9. Allergy-Free

According to Allergy UK, there are 10 million hay fever sufferers in the UK, and most of them are allergic to grass pollen. If you or your children suffer from itchy eyes, a runny nose, and blocked sinuses throughout the summer months, artificial grass could be the answer to all your allergy problems.

Made from hypoallergenic materials, it doesn’t attract pollen like the real thing and could be beneficial to anyone suffering from hay fever and dust allergies. Speak to your local artificial grass installers in Leeds about creating a pollen-free garden.

    1. 10. Use It 365-Days A Year

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, we cannot take our freedom for granted anymore. Heading outside to exercise, entertain, or get some fresh air is something we all missed during lockdown, and this is perhaps why more people are installing artificial grass than ever before.

With an artificial lawn, you can head outside 365-days a year, whatever the weather, and enjoy your little piece of paradise whenever you like. Your kids can play outside without getting dirty, your pets can burn off some energy without getting muddy, and you can indulge in some much-needed ‘me time’ when it all gets too much.

Artificial grass is a lifestyle investment that will change the way you use your outdoor spaces for good, so why not upgrade your lawn today. Your garden will look a whole lot cleaner and greener with this eco-friendly landscaping solution, and you’ll never have to tackle those gardening chores that you have been dreading again.

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