Artificial turf is moving beyond the spectrum of golf, hockey pitches and football fields to our home environment, giving people an alternative to natural grass lawns. With several benefits, artificial grass has become the popular choice amongst homeowners for landscaping their gardens, play areas and roof decks with natural looking ‘fake grass’, which requires very minimal maintenance.

In which areas the artificial grass can be used?

  • Home gardens
  • Backyard area
  • Rooftop gardens, where laying natural lawn can create weight-problems for the building structure
  • Areas where laying natural grass is hard to grow
  • Kids play areas
  • Pets’ areas which are hard to clean when there is natural grass
  • Artificial lawn installation is preferable for landscaping when there is scarcity of water or water is expensive

Benefits of artificial lawn installation over natural grass lawns

  • Natural grass tends to get affected with changing weather. Artificial grass is long lasting, which remains green and lush throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions. These remain sturdy and constantly beautiful year after year, and are UV stabilized, along with having quick drainage system in times of rain or watering.
  • In natural grass, there is a danger of insects and other infection-causes for children and pets, which does not occur with artificial grass. These are pretty much safe for kids and pets, and are easy to clean with light watering.
  • Maintaining an artificial lawn is far more convenient than a traditional lawn. There is no need of mowing, watering and fertilizers, and retains the look and feel of the natural grass thoroughly.
  • These are perfect for acidic soils, shaded areas such as under trees and for areas where growing natural grass is really hard.
  • You can choose from a wide range in artificial grass, depending on colour, texture, length, look and feel preference.
  • Water bills can be significantly reduced by having an artificial lawn installation, along with reducing the carbon footprint.

You can easily find several options when looking for wholesale artificial grass. Just maintain that you consider your home landscape, climatic condition and budget aspects before choosing the best suitable artificial grass for lawn installation.

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