Outdoor play areas, in home, as well as in schools are an important aspect to provide kids with ample time and place to become more active and strong.

Every parent wants a safe outdoor area so that their kids remain safe and healthy, for this reason replacing the natural grass with artificial grass is a viable solution.

There are several reasons why installing artificial grass for children play areas is a better option:


  • Round-the-year play area


Artificial grass remains same throughout the year, irrespective of the changing seasons, and therefore provides a durable outdoor play space for kids, which is not possible with natural grass.


  • Low-maintenance


Maintaining the natural grass play area for kids in a regular manner can be quite a daunting task for parents, as well as for school authorities. Alternatively with artificial grass, there is no mowing, weeding and other maintenance tasks, which makes it easy to maintain throughout.


  • No exposure to harmful chemicals


With natural grass, there is danger of herbicides and pesticides, which is not the case with artificial grass, and therefore children are not exposed to harmful chemicals.


  • No uneven surface


With conventional lawns, there is possibility of uneven surface which might cause children to trip over. This is not the case with artificial grass, as the surface is even throughout.


  • No danger of bacteria growth


With natural grass, there can be potential danger of bacteria building up due to urinal and solid waste from pets, which is unsafe for children. With artificial grass, there is easy removal of solid waste and pet urine thus bacteria are not allowed to grow, reducing any such danger for the kids.


  • No Hay fever


With natural grass needing regular cutting both kids and children’s supervisors can suffer from Hay fever issues. Having artificial grass is installed prevents this problem increasing improved general health.


Other benefits of installing artificial turf grass:

  • Water conservation
  • Reduced usage of chemicals
  • Lower carbon footprint

Artificial grass is not just beneficial for children’s play areas, but pet-friendly artificial grass also provides a healthy and positive environment to your pets throughout the year, along with providing a beautiful landscape.

Choose a reliable and professional artificial turf grass company which provides high-quality, specific sized products to enhance the overall safety of the children along with providing them with a durable outdoor play space.

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