Whether it is the school playground or the home garden, little kids love to go outside and play, indulging in some quality retreat time. Maintaining a natural grass garden in the best form is quite a daunting task, especially during severe weather conditions and seasonal changes. This takes the fun out of child’s play therefore some kids become deprived of a playful time in open fresh air. Too many children throughout winter spend ridiculous amounts of time on their PlayStation or Xbox due to not being able to play outside in mud, when an artificial lawn is installed they can play out 365 days a year should they wish.

The best alternative in this situation is to ensure a durable and perfect play area for children all year-round. Artificial grass has the solution, whether it is a home garden or a school playground, the benefits are immense. Below, we look at significant reasons why opting for an artificial lawn is highly beneficial for a kid’s playing area:

No Surface Damage

Natural grass can become dry and develop cracks during summer season, it can also get water sodden, slippery and muddy during rainy spells which in turn makes it a difficult play surface for children. With artificial grass, there are no such issues as it is manufactured with sufficient water drainage. Dryness or cracks are also alleviated as it retains its strength throughout.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass requires much less maintenance than a natural grass garden, retaining its shine throughout the year without any wear and tear, thus providing a year-round perfect play area for kids. There is no need of watering, mowing, weeding or feeding using pesticides or harmful herbicides which can also pose health hazards to children. Natural grass loses its shine very quickly once the winter months approach, without daily maintenance it is virtually impossible to keep a fresh looking lawn area.

Much Cleaner

With artificial grass, there is no scenario of kids coming back covered in mud after playing a game of football outside, this is the polar opposite of a natural grass garden. Children will come back in the house looking clean and fresh.

No More Allergies

When children play on a natural grass surface, there is always the possibility of them suffering from different kind of allergies like hay-fever or tree pollens. With artificial grass for children, there is no possibility of such allergic conditions. Also cutting a natural grass lawn can cause allergic reactions in children and adults, by installing an artificial turf lawn this becomes a thing of the past.

Artificial grass is great for all types of kid’s playgrounds, whether at home, a nursery or in schools, artificial grass mats can be laid out anywhere making it a perfect indoor or outdoor play area. The fact that artificial grass looks green, lush and bright all-year round makes it a quality alternative for a healthy play area for children.

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