Terms And Conditions

Prices and Payment

The prices shown for goods exclude postage and packaging unless specifically stated. The charge for postage and packaging will be shown at the checkout upon placing an order with Artificial Super Grass. Full payment is required upon ordering on a Pro-Forma basis. Artificial Super Grass shall remain the owner of the goods until the full amount has been paid. It is the customer’s responsibility to always try and communicate with Artificial Super Grass. Installation price specified in a quote by Artificial Super Grass is legally binding and forms a contract. Artificial grass and accessories will be paid in advance with installation costs requiring a deposit which will be dependable upon total costs but stated in the contract prior to any commencement of works carried out. The remainder of the payment will be payable in full the same day as completion of installation taking place. Full or outstanding payment shall take place even if creases or seams are visible (see below for crease and seam information). Customers should not agree a start date for installation if they cannot meet the payment term which Artificial Super Grass adhere to. If the customer fails to make the full payment on the date of the final works taking place, Artificial Super Grass shall be entitled to charge the customer interest at a rate of 2% per month on any outstanding amounts owed. Any extra work which is not pre-arranged or in the contract agreement will be invoiced for additionally or a revised invoice and shall be produced by Artificial Super Grass for the extra work incurred. An installation date will only be secured once a payment in full has been made for the artificial grass and accessories along with an installation deposit. Artificial Super Grass accept the following forms of payment: debit card, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cash, cheque.


Artificial Super Grass will not be liable for any loss or injury once the good have arrived with the purchaser. Goods must be inspected and any damage reported within 3 days of receiving delivery. Any defects in the goods or otherwise in relation to the performance of any contract entered into between Artificial Super Grass and the purchaser or any claim for such damage, loss or injury made against Artificial Super Grass by a third party. Artificial Super Grass shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the customer, however caused, and including without limitations, loss of anticipated profits. Goodwill, reputation, business receipts or contracts, losses or expenses resulting from third party claims. Artificial Super Grass shall be under no liability to the customer for any loss, damage or injury direct or indirect, as a result from defects in design, materials or workmanship or otherwise however arising whether or not caused by the negligence of the Artificial Super Grass, its employees or agents, other than liability for death or personal injury resulting from the sellers negligence. Where liability is accepted by the seller, the sellers only obligation shall be at its option to make good any shortage or non-delivery and/or as appropriate to replace or repair any goods found to be damaged or defective and/or to refund the costs of such goods to the buyer, goods may not be returned without the seller’s prior written consent. Artificial Super Grass aggregate liability to the buyer whether for negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation or otherwise shall in no circumstance exceed the cost of the defective, damaged or undelivered goods which give rise to such liability as determined by net price invoiced to the buyer in respect of any occurrence or series of occurrences. The buyer shall inspect the goods immediately upon delivery; Artificial Super Grass shall not be liable to the buyer for non-delivery unless a written claim is received by the seller within 3 Days of the delivery date given. Artificial Super Grass shall not be liable to the buyer for damage of the goods in transit unless the buyer shall notify the seller of any such claim within 3 days of receipt. Artificial Super Grass shall not be liable to the buyer for the defects in the goods caused by fair wear and tear, abnormal or unsuitable conditions of storage or use if any act, neglect or default of the buyer or of any third party. Artificial Super Grass shall not be liable to the buyer for other defects in the goods unless notified to the seller within 3 days of receipt of the goods by the buyer or where the defect would not be apparent on reasonable inspection within 3 months of the delivery. Any goods returned to the Artificial Super Grass will be the at the buyers risk and any goods returned are the buyers responsibility, Artificial Super Grass will not be held responsible until the product is returned safely. E mailed photographs shall be required showing and damage of faults, all items should be checked off upon delivery, Artificial Super Grass cannot accept responsibility for any items that are missing after delivery has been made and signed for.


All works to be carried out by Artificial Super Grass will be carried out when agreed by both seller and buyer which will be pre-arranged with a written invoice within a specified timescale. All quotations given by Artificial Super Grass last for 30 days from the date of the quotation received. ASG reserve the right to withdraw any quotation or revise any quotation within that 30 day period. Artificial Super Grass will not be responsible for a delay in works taking place or completion of works for any reason whatsoever, acts of god or force majeure. Artificial Super Grass reserve the right to charge a customer for any costs incurred through any change of installation date or delivery date or cancellation. The buyer is responsible for clearing the garden of any furniture, toys, sheds, garages, rubbish, where the installation is taking place. If Artificial Super Grass is to take care of these removals an extra invoice will be issued once the garden is cleared, costs will be worked out on time taken, costs will be £25 per hour, and it is customer’s responsibility to ensure all garden areas are cleared. Every care is made by Artificial Super Grass to ensure there is no damage done to home and other garden areas. Sometimes some adjoining alterations need to take place for correct installations to be adhered to, whilst every effort will be made to ensure this is corrected to the previous state, sometimes things may slightly differ. In this case Artificial Super Grass will not be held responsible for this occurring although ASG must be given the first opportunity to correct the situation.


Delivery dates are estimated we endeavour to get your purchases out to you at the earliest convenience, time and delivery shall not be of the essence. Artificial Super Grass will not be held liable for any costs, loss, charges, damages, or expense caused directly or indirectly by the delivery of the goods. If for any reason the purchaser is unable to accept delivery of the goods at the time previously arranged a redelivery charge may be made by Artificial Super Grass. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all goods received are insured by the customer once goods have been delivered. Artificial Super Grass is only responsible for the goods up to the time of the delivery. Some items purchased are heavy and the delivery driver will require assistance to unload the goods. The delivery driver is only responsible for assisting in unloading the goods with the customer and placing on a path which is road side, it is the customer’s responsibility to take care of the delivery thereafter. Artificial Super Grass will accept no responsibility of any injury whatsoever which may be sustained to any person lifting or moving the products whilst delivery is taking place or once delivery has been made. Artificial Super Grass strive to make sure all products purchased are packed and/or wrapped to an excellent standard ensuring your purchases arrive with you in perfect condition. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible product to you in the best possible condition. Occasionally products may become damaged in the transporting process. If you feel any product delivered has been damaged in any way, please sign the delivery driver’s paperwork as ‘UNCHECKED’ and not as your signature, contact us immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Artificial Super Grass of any previous difficulties of delivering items to the designated delivery address, we will then pass this information on to our delivery company, failure to disclose this information to Artificial Super Grass may result in further delivery charges being issued via a later invoice. All delivery prices vary from region to region, it is the customer’s responsibility to check their individual delivery rates, and these will be available to view in the checkout upon making a purchase.


Artificial Super Grass offer a minimum 3 year UV warranty and a maximum 10 year UV warranty dependable upon products purchased, warranty starts upon date of invoice. This said warranty does not cover claims due to:

  • Curling blades or crushing blades, this is a natural occurrence due to traffic and natural wear and tear
  • Failure to protect, repair and maintain the product.
  • Artificial Super Grass product range is pet friendly however we cannot offer warranty from Damage due to pets, e.g. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs.
  • Burns, Cuts, Accidents, Vandalism, Abuse, Negligence or Neglect.
  • Barbeques, Cigarettes or any Flame/Fire.
  • Reflections from any Mirrors and/or Glass Products.
  • Wild animal damage including, Moles, Badgers, Foxes and/or any other domestic animal.
  • Any unsuitable footwear or sports equipment and toys.
  • Damage due to any nearby tree or root growth
  • Damage caused by the customer due to any tampering with any product Artificial Super Grass have installed, e.g. grass, timber, concrete, sub base, weed barrier membrane.
  • Damage due to subsidence which may occur under the sub base due to any reason. Artificial Super Grass cannot foresee the ground below the sub base moving over any time period.
  • Application of any improper cleaning methods, cleaning chemicals, herbicides or pesticides.
  • Force Majeure or any other conditions beyond the reasonable control of Artificial Super Grass.
  • Failure to properly maintain the product, (please see maintenance advice).

All Artificial Super Grass products are subject to normal wear and tear. In addition to the above mentioned factors, wear and tear depends upon, without any limitations. Artificial Super Grass does not offer warranty against normal wear and tear. Rotary washing lines can be fitted but it is recommended to install the ground spike into a specially formed concrete pad prior to grass installation, this way weed membrane will not be compromised. Artificial Super Grass will not be held responsible if the customer fits their own rotary washing line after installation has taken place, ground may move if the sub base is disturbed after installation, please discuss this option prior to installation taking place. The final decision whether any product is to be replaced will lie with our supplier, this decision will not lie in the hands of Artificial Super Grass. ASG will endeavour to provide a flat base; this will not necessarily mean “to be level”. Nearly every artificial lawn laid will have some kind of gradient which is natural, should the customer request a level finish this will alter the overall costs involved. A level surface should be requested prior to any quotation received and accounted for having a gradient in lawns is on occasions a much needed feature due to drainage. A flat gradient is totally different to a level gradient; flat gradients suit 95% of lawns laid by Artificial Super Grass. “Level” gradients require removal of more existing soil, therefore the cost of the overall installation process will increase, this will be made aware to the customer upon the initial quotation.


All Artificial Super Grass products are designed to be extremely low maintenance but no items we sell are “maintenance free” products.

ü Use a water based detergent for cleaning your new lawn, a knap sack or pressure bottle sprayer is recommended. This spray method is also recommended for pet spills, sick, urine or faeces remains after picking up the bulk of the mess.

ü Brush the grass regularly with a stiff brush; this will keep the grass looking great all year round.

ü Weeds will not occur through your weed barrier but birds may drop seeds in to the grass pile resulting in weeds sprouting, pull the weed immediately to avoid seed dispersal.

ü Remove any leaves or debris immediately by hand to avoid any soil penetrating the pile or moss forming on the surface. A leaf blower can also be used.

Force Majeure 

Artificial Super Grass shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results in events or circumstances outside of its reasonable control or if the seller is being prevented, hindered, delayed, cancelled, or rendered uneconomic by reason of circumstance or events beyond Artificial Super Grass control (force majeure) including but not limited to acts of god, force majeure, strikes, trades disputes or other industrial action, lock outs, war, riots, accidents, civil commotion, government orders, direction or legislation by fire, adverse weather conditions, breakdown of plant machinery or shortage of raw materials from a natural source of supply, difficulty in increased expense in obtaining workman labour, Artificial Super Grass will therefore be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations.


Artificial Super Grass supply grasses which come from the same batch upon manufacture, although all grasses with the same, name, colour, batch number and manufacture date should be the same, ASG need to make customers aware that if they are requiring a colour to match a certain old batch and new batch there may be a slight colour difference. It is the customer’s responsibility to order all lawns which will be near one another at the same time and Artificial Super Grass accept no responsibility and will not be held liable for slight colour differences. Colours and shades may also vary from which are advertised on the website due to limitations of browser software and colour resolution monitors.


Artificial Super Grass takes pride to make all seams invisible. Sometimes however seams are visible due to the manufacturing process of the product. This sometimes is beyond our control and can be influenced by many factors. Our warranty does not cover seam visibility and ASG will not be held liable for any visible seams upon installation or after installation has taken place. If you feel seams could be a major issue with how you feel, our advice is to purchase artificial grass with a taller, thicker pile. This however will not cure a seam problem 100%, as stated previous Artificial Super Grass take great pride when artificial grass seams are not visible, rest assured, here at ASG we will do everything in our fitting skills power for the seam to be invisible.


When artificial grass is manufactured it is rolled and stored immediately, by the time the artificial grass is eventually delivered to a customer this grass maybe month old. In this timescale creases may appear and are completely natural, this is not a fault in the grass. It is advised by Artificial Super Grass that upon installation if possible un-roll the grass for a few hours out to let any creases naturally falls out. If creases still appear after the grass has been laid, do not worry, these creases will de-crease naturally over time when the grass is being used, sometimes this could take up to 3 months. Should creases still appear after 3 months, Artificial Super Grass will work with the customer and our supplier to ascertain if a fault exists that warrants a replacement of the affected area, the final decision as to whether the grass should be replaced or not will lie with our supplier. A replacement product will only be made if the fault affects the usability and performance of the artificial grass.


Artificial Super Grass hold employers liability insurance as well as public liability insurance, a copy of these policies are available upon request

Plant and Machinery 

Artificial Super Grass will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to a person’s property, to injury or death of any person, or any loss to any person caused by the use of or interference with any Artificial Super Grass plant machinery, tools or equipment which may be left on site overnight or until final works completion.

Utility Services and Access 

Whilst installations are taking place it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there is an adequate water and electricity source available for the Artificial Super Grass team. These services should be supplied to ASG free of charge throughout the complete installation process. It is also the customer’s responsibility to make sure suitable vehicle access to and from the installation site. Wheelbarrow access is also a must. On most installations a skip will be required which will be arranged by Artificial Super Grass, the customer must make sure a roadside skip is allowed at the installation address over night as council rules vary from region to region. Storage facilities may also be needed overnight or throughout the whole installation process, all installations vary, and customers need to make sure this is possible if needed by the Artificial Super Grass team.


For the purpose of the consumer contracts, information, cancellation and additional charges regulations 2013, this contract is an on premises sales contract. On premises contracts do not enable the consumer to cancel the contract. This does not affect consumer rights made under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It is Artificial Super Grass legal responsibility to supply customers with products that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations, please contact us through email.


The contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties to the contract submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Consumer Rights 

None of the above terms and conditions affects your statutory rights.

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