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Use heavy duty 70gsm Weed Membrane under your Artificial Grass Lawn to stop weeds growing.

It is advised to add 2 layers of weed membrane when installing artificial grass

Layer 1: Place onto the existing soil once excavated
Layer 2: Place directly underneath the Artificial Grass

Price £0.60p per m2


When Installing, you must overlap any joints by a minimum of 200mm (8 inch). Therefore it is advised to always purchase more Weed Membrane than Artificial Grass area. 10% extra is always advised!

Example: If your area is 50m2 … it is advisable to purchase 55m2.

Use Galvanised Securing U-Pins to fix your Artificial Grass Lawn around the edges. Also use securing pins up and down the joints to tie 2 rolls of grass together.

For joints use Artificial Grass securing U-Pins in conjunction with Artificial Grass Joint Tape and Artificial Grass Joint Adhesive to form the perfect joint.

Price £15.00 per pack

The Securing U-Pins are available in Packs of 100

Example: to buy 100 Securing U-Pins, select a quantity of 1 on this product page and add to your basket.


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