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Why Artificial Grass Saves Time Artificial Super Grass

Why Artificial Grass Saves Time

We can buy a lot of things in life but, we cannot buy time and, if you find that you are spending too much time in the garden at weekends, doing those monotonous jobs such as weeding and mowing your lawn, it could be time to replace your natural turf with artificial grass in Brigg. It is one of the easiest ways to free-up valuable spare time, and with less gardening required, you can spend your weekends doing those things you love most.

In this complete guide to why artificial grass saves time, we’ll explain everything you need to know about buying, installing, and maintaining this low-maintenance landscaping material, along with some interesting facts about the way we use our gardens in the UK today.

British Gardening Facts

Gardening is big business in the UK, and with the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) reporting that UK households spend around £7.5billion on gardening goods and a further £2.4billion on gardeners and landscapers each year, we can be in no doubt that we are a nation of gardeners. Or are we?

A Landscaping Trends Survey carried out by Houzz.co.uk, a home design platform, revealed that UK homeowners are no longer the garden enthusiasts that they used to be. And while we are spending more time in the garden than ever before, we’re not weeding, digging, and mowing the grass, but rather lounging and entertaining friends on artificial lawns instead.

We’ve embraced the Mediterranean lifestyle, it seems, and with the recent Coronavirus lockdown giving many of us a new perspective on life, we are upgrading our outdoor spaces and investing more of our hard-earning cash on outdoor living. Today, the average Brit spends more than five hours a week in their garden, an increase of almost 50 per cent compared to recent years, but we’re not wearing gardening gloves. We’re relaxing, reading, and alfresco dining, and spending more time with our children and pets.

A Nation Of Gardeners - No More

Despite having an estimated 27 million gardeners in the UK, we are a nation of gardeners no more, and if these statistics by Houzz are anything to go by, how we use our gardens is going to change dramatically in the coming years:

  • 81% of British gardeners spend more time outside thanks to garden upgrades.
  • 78% of us spend that time relaxing, 70% alfresco dining, and 67% entertaining friends and family.
  • While just 65% of us spend it tending to our gardens.
  • 34% of us are turning to landscaping professionals, such as artificial grass specialists, to help us to create a more inviting outdoor space.
  • 77% of homeowners are investing in child-friendly upgrades, with 44% creating more space for kids to run around.
  • While 57% of British dog-lovers are updating their outdoor areas with their pets in mind.
  • For 67% of us, low-maintenance is key. We want to relax and socialise in our gardens, not work in it.
  • 39% of us are planning to spend, or have spent, more than £2,500 upgrading our gardens.

Artificial Grass – The Perfect Solution For Outdoor Living

When you consider the above, it is easy to see why artificial grass is the gardening trend of the decade. It tackles so many of the problems that we face with a natural garden, while providing us with the perfect year-round entertainment area to enjoy with our family and friends. It’s long-lasting, luxurious, and low-cost when you consider annual gardening expenses, and it’s more realistic than ever before, but that’s not all. Here are just a few reasons why imitation grass is the perfect landscaping material for modern living:

  • 1. Child Friendly

    Superior synthetic grass is child-friendly and ideal for those who want to create a safe environment for their kids to run, jump, play, and roll. It’s soft on delicate skin, it doesn’t attract biting insects and pollinators such as wasps, and it’s non-allergenic, so if you children suffer from allergies such as hay fever, it can make summers much more pleasant.

    Unlike real turf, imitation grass requires no weed killer, fertiliser, pesticides, or fungicides, so you can banish these harmful toxins from your garden, and create a chemical-free play zone for toddlers, tweens, and teens to enjoy.

  • 2. Pet-Safe

    Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years, and it is now more realistic than ever before, but did you know that it was safe for pets? Thanks to advances in technology, it drains effectively, removing dog pee and the unpleasant odours that it creates, and it is UV stabilised to prevent yellow patches and colour fading.

    As it doesn’t smell like real grass, astroturf discourages digging, and your dogs are less likely to try and bury their favourite bone in this type of landscaping material. It’s soft on sensitive paws so cats can enjoy it too, and as it doesn’t attract ticks and fleas like natural turf, your pets are less likely to pick up these annoying critters in the garden.

  • 3. Low-Maintenance

    With an artificial lawn, you can pack away your gardening gloves for good, and enjoy quality time with the family throughout the year. It doesn’t need weeding, watering, feeding, or mowing, so there’s no need for a lawnmower or costly gardening tools, and apart from the occasional brushing and hosing down, you’ll have little to do when it comes to garden maintenance.

    As an evergreen surface, synthetic grass allows entertaining at the drop of a hat, so you can make the most of every sunny day, no matter how few and far between they are in our part of the world. It’s convenient, classy, and cost-effective, and with a single installation of superior turf lasting 10-years or more, it’s an investment that keeps on giving.

  • 4. Affordability

    While high-quality fake grass doesn’t come cheap, it is surprisingly affordable when you compare it to other landscaping materials such as paving and wooden decking. Superior imitation grass costs, on average, between £10.99 and £21.99 per square metre in the UK, which is less than the price of a quality carpet. Modern materials are easy to self-install, so if you are handy at DIY, you could fit it yourself and transform your garden for less.

    Getting a team of professional artificial grass installers in to fit your new lawn for you will add to your initial investment but, with years of experience in the field, they can transform smaller gardens in as little as one day. You’ll get a guarantee with this type of installation, so you can be confident that your investment will last, and with a reliable local artificial grass company to take care of all the groundwork and waste disposal for you, it’s a small price to pay for convenience.

  • 5. Ideal For Areas With Poor Soil / Low Sunlight / Limited Outdoor Space

    If you love gardening, but live in an area with poor soil or not enough sunlight for natural grass to thrive, artificial grass could be the perfect choice for you. You won’t get to mow it like real turf, but there are plenty of other areas in which you can invest your gardening skills, such as borders, plant pots, or growing a vegetable garden.

    Even those with no garden and limited outdoor space can benefit from synthetic grass by installing it on their balconies or rooftop terraces. It will transform the most industrial urban areas into a lush green environment, while providing a robust platform for those longing to lounge, excited to entertain, and ready for weekends of relaxation.

Saving Time With Artificial Grass

The most notable benefit of artificial grass is that you will save precious time. We seem to have so little of it these days, what with heavy work schedules and family commitments, and if something as affordable as installing a synthetic lawn can give you time to do those things you love most, it has to be the best lifestyle investment that you can make.

With imitation grass, there are no weekend chores to take up your valuable time so you can take up those activities you love doing, spend more quality time with your children and pets, or even take up a new hobby. It’s the smart choice for singles, couples, families, and those heading into their golden years, and with premium quality astroturf, you can indulge in the outdoor lifestyle that you have been dreaming of for years.

Speak to Artificial Super Grass, your local supplier, about buying and installing artificial grass in Brigg. We provide free consultations and quotations, and we can help you achieve your landscaping goals.

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