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Why Artificial Grass Saves Money Artificial Super Grass

Why Artificial Grass Saves Money

We all know that artificial grass saves time when it comes to gardening, but did you know that it could save you money too? It offers savings in many different areas, from household utility bills to gardener fees, which is perhaps why many homeowners are installing artificial grass in Castleford. it so much more than a versatile landscaping material, it a lifestyle investment, and once you have settled the initial installation costs, you have no gardening expenses for years.

In this complete guide to saving money with artificial grass, we explain just much you could save over 10-years by investing in superior synthetic turf that requires no watering, weeding, or mowing. You be surprised at just how affordable it is, and you may even find that it works out cheaper than your existing lawn.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Before we look at just how much you can save with artificial grass, we should look at some of its many benefits to help you determine if it is the right landscaping material for your garden.

Versatility. You can install artificial grass on almost any surface, including soil, concrete, wooden decking, paving, and tiles. You can even install it on rooftop terraces and balconies the possibilities for design are endless..

Durability:Synthetic turf is extremely durable, and if you invest in a superior product, you can expect it to last for 10-years or more.

Eco-Friendly:With no watering required, imitation grass conserves water, and with no mowing, pesticides, or fertiliser required, it reduces both air pollution and ground pollution.

Safe For Children:Fake grass has come a long way in recent years, and it is softer than ever before. It perfect for children and the ideal landscaping material for under swings and climbing frames.

Pet-Friendly:Soft on sensitive paws, artificial turf is pet-friendly and perfect for both gardens and pet-runs. It does not attract fleas and ticks like real turf, and it completely mud-free.

Green All Year Round: The beauty of astroturf is that it is UV stabilised and so it never fades. It retains its lush, green appearance all year round, and you’ll never have to worry about bald patches and brown spots again.

Low-MaintenanceWhile artificial lawns are not completely maintenance-free, it doesn’t take a lot to keep them looking their best. Occasional raking to remove leaves and debris, weekly brushing to keep the blades standing upright, and monthly hosing down to remove dust and pollen is all you need to do to keep it looking amazing.

Saving Money With Artificial Grass

With so many benefits, it is easy to understand why artificial grass is one of the fastest-growing gardening trends in the UK. Its versatility knows no bounds, but it is its money-saving features that homeowners, businesses, and schools love most. Here’s how you’ll save money with a synthetic lawn:

No More Lawnmower Costs

Natural lawns need regular mowing to keep them looking their best, and good quality lawnmowers are expensive to buy and run. There are many options available in the UK, with electric lawnmowers, battery lawnmowers, and petrol-powered lawnmowers being the most popular, but they all cost money in terms of fuel and maintenance.

Petrol lawnmowers are more powerful than electric mowers, and so they could save time when it comes to mowing a large garden, but they are costly to run and, they have a negative impact on the environment. They can create a disturbing amount of pollution if not well maintained, and they take up a great deal of storage space in the garage.

Reduction In Electricity Bills

With regular use, an electric lawnmower could push your household electricity bills up by as much as £10 per month, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, it soon adds up, equating to £1,200 over 10-years, and that is just one electric garden tool. If you use a trimmer and other electrical goods in the garden, you could save as much as £2,000 on utility bills over 10-years with an artificial lawn, which will cover a large chunk of your initial investment.

No Need To Buy Fertiliser, Weed Killer, and Pesticides

Unless you are blessed with good soil and a bug-free garden, you are likely to need fertilisers, pesticides, and weed killers to keep your natural lawn looking its best. And while these chemicals are essential for weed, pest, and disease control, they are both costly and toxic.

Strictly legislated in the UK, pesticides, fertilisers, and fungicides are potentially hazardous substances that can harm children and pets. Even those marked as ‘organic’ can pose a health threat to dogs and cats, and so they not something gardeners should undertake lightly. If you want to create a safe environment for the whole family to enjoy, you shouldn’t use them at all, but then what do you do with all the weeds, greenfly, and mildew?

With these chemical substances costing anywhere between £10 and £20 each for a monthly supply, the overall cost to use them starts to add up over a 10-year period, not to mention the amount of time it takes to apply them to your garden. They are bad for health, bad for the environment, and bad for the wallet.

If installed correctly, artificial grass is weed-free, so you’ll never have to use toxic weed-killer again. It doesn’t attract insects and garden critters so you can banish pesticides for good, and it doesn’t need fertiliser to make it grow. You can remove all these harmful substances from your garden with the installation of an imitation lawn, and create a 100% non-toxic garden to enjoy with your children and pets.

Save On Water Bills

Maintaining a beautiful green lawn not only takes time and dedication, but it also takes a whole lot of water, with an average 50m2 garden needing around 1,250 litres every week, and a staggering 65,000 litres of water every year. This will most definitely attribute to a significant proportion of your annual water bill.

We all know that water is a precious resource and, with the UK Environment Agency suggesting that British households could face water shortages by 2050 unless we reduce our consumption, the pressure is on to save water wherever we can. Hosepipe bans will become the norm in coming years, particularly during times of drought, and maintaining a real lawn without its daily dose of water will prove challenging to the most seasoned of gardeners.

With an artificial lawn, you can pack away your hosepipe for good, and save a significant amount on your annual water bill. You’ll also be saving the environment by reducing water consumption in the home, and so it is a win-win solution for everyone.

No More Gardener Fees

Not everyone has a gardener, but if you have a large garden and need help keeping it under control, then you are likely paying a substantial amount for the privilege. To employ the services of a professional gardener in Castleford, you can expect to pay at least £10 per hour, with £20 - £25 per hour being the national average.

Even if you only have a gardener for two hours every week, this still equates to £1,040 per year at the bottom end of the scale and £2,600 at the top end, totalling £10,400 to £26,000 respectively over 10-years. This amount is more than enough to cover artificial grass installation, no matter how big your lawn, and when you add that to all the other savings listed above, you can see just how affordable synthetic grass really is.

Save TimeWith Artificial Grass

Okay, this is not somewhere where you’ll save in monetary terms, but with most of us living fast-paced lifestyles, we could all do with a little bit of extra time. With an artificial lawn, there is no time-consuming weekly maintenance, so you can spend your weekends entertaining, spending time with the children, or doing those activities that you’ve never had time to do before. There’s no extra work in spring and autumn, and you don’t have to worry about your garden looking grey in winter. With your garden ready to use all year round, you can make the most of every sunny day, no matter how few and far between they are at certain times of the year and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle that we all love.

With artificial grass, you’ll save time and money, so why not speak to the professionals at Artificial Super Grass about installing your synthetic lawn today. We can help you landscape your garden for less, and transform your outdoor space into a little piece of paradise that will add value to all areas of your life.

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