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How to Choose the Best Installer for Artificial Grass in Harrogate Artificial Super Grass

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass Installer

If you have decided to join the gardening revolution and install Artificial Grass in Harrogate, you have much to look forward to with your new synthetic lawn. And by having it installed professionally by a team of experienced installers, you can be confident that your investment will last. But how do you choose the best local fake grass installer for your garden project?

In this complete guide, we’ll give you advice on finding the perfect fake grass company for your garden makeover, and provide top tips on what to look out for when choosing an installation team for the job.

The Artificial Grass Boom in The UK

In the past 10-years, the popularity of fake turf has grown at an exponential rate, and with the UK and Europe accounting for as much as 30% of £3billion global market, we can be in no doubt that this low-maintenance landscaping solution is here to stay.

But why is artificial grass so popular in the UK? According to researchers, Britons are spending more time in their gardens than ever before, especially since the Covid-19 lockdown. And in a bid to adopt a Mediterranean lifestyle, we’re replacing our patios, decked areas, and worn-out lawns with luxurious entertainment spaces made from durable synthetic turf. It’s easy to maintain, it’s long-lasting, and it is one of the most cost-effective flooring materials available for outdoor applications today and, best of all, you can install it on almost any surface.

Urban residents can use imitation grass to carpet balconies, rooftop terraces, and shaded spaces. Families with children and pets can use it to transform high-maintenance gardens, and busy professionals can use it to free up their spare time.

It’s a lifestyle investment for UK residents but, as the artificial grass industry is unregulated, you need to do your research if you are to find the right company and installers for the job.

Top Tips On Choosing The Best Artificial Grass Installers

Due to the boom in the astroturf industry, artificial turf companies are popping up all over the country, but do you really want to invest your hard-earned cash on a team of installers with little or no experience? Installing an artificial lawn requires product knowledge, a good understanding of residential and commercial landscaping, and skill, so you need to find out more before you sign on the dotted line.

You can buy the best superior fake turf in Yorkshire but, its ability to stand up to British weather conditions and everyday wear and tear depends on the experience of those installing it. Here’s what you should look out for when looking for the best artificial grass installer in your local area:

1. Research Your Artificial Grass Company

How long have they been in business? Do they have positive online reviews on Google and Facebook? Do they offer free consultations, quotations, and sample packs? Are their installation teams highly trained? These are vital questions to ask when choosing artificial turf installers to revamp your garden or outdoor space, and a genuine landscaping company will be more than happy to answer them.

The best artificial grass installers in your local area should come highly recommended by other homeowners, so ask to see customer testimonials and ‘before and after’ pictures of projects they have recently completed. If they have an impressive portfolio, you can be confident that you are investing in the best, but there are still many things to consider.

2. Do They Offer Full-Service Installation?

Does your preferred fake grass company offer full-service installation including, ground preparation, fitting, and waste disposal? Solid foundations are essential when it comes to artificial grass installation, and you need a quality sub-base aggregate and two layers of weed membrane if your synthetic lawn is to last. What materials do they use to secure your fake grass? Do they power brush it after installation? There’s so much more to installing synthetic turf than just fitting it on top of soil, concrete, or decking. It requires experience, skill, and the right tools for the job if it is to look as good as a real grass lawn.

3. Do they hold a Waste Carriers License?

Only artificial grass installers with a Waste Carriers License issued by the UK Governments Environment Agency can legally dispose of your garden waste. If they don’t have one, you could be left with the mess to clean up yourself, or worse still, they could dispose of your garden waste irresponsibly and against environmental guidelines. A professional fake grass company will have a Waste Carriers License, and they’ll be happy to show it to you. Alternatively, you can check their credentials online here.

4. Is It A Family Run Business Or An Approved Installer?

If you want to support your local economy and employ local artificial grass installers, check to see if the landscaping companies on your shortlist are family-run establishments or approved installers for large national or European brand. A local family-owned and operated business is far more likely to employ local people, and understand your landscaping needs better than those from other areas of the country.

5. Check Artificial Grass Quality

Synthetic turf is an investment, and when you buy a superior product, it should last for at least 10-years, but with an influx of fake grass materials on the market, how do you know which one is right for your property? Professional artificial grass installers will provide you with free astroturf samples, and they will take the time to explain the differences between the different types of turf that they offer. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Superior synthetic grass will invariably cost more than then budget alternatives but, it is UV stabilised and pre-punched for drainage, and by paying £1 or £2 more per square metre, you could add up to 5-years onto your investment.

6. Compare Quotes

If you have collected quotes from two or three local fake grass installation companies, then take time to study them in detail. The old saying ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’ really comes in to play here. If a company is offering rates considerably lower than its competitors, you can be confident that they are cutting costs somewhere, either in product quality or installer experience.

Your synthetic lawn should last for at least 10-years if you buy superior fake grass, but as we’ve said before, astroturf is only as good as those who install it, and so saving money on installation is a false economy.

7. Do They Deliver And When Can They Install?

Now that you have decided to upgrade your garden with fake turf, you’ll most likely want it installed in a hurry. Do your local artificial grass installers offer fast delivery? How soon can they install your new lawn? While leading local landscaping companies are going to be busy, particularly during the summer months, they should be able to provide you with an approximate installation date along with your quotation and include delivery in the total price. If they have hundreds of five-star online reviews and they can install your superior synthetic grass at a price you can afford, be prepared to wait for the best.

8. Do They Supply A Manufacturer’s UV Warranty?

If an artificial grass installer provides a manufacturer’s warranty with their turf, you can be confident that you are investing in the best. The higher the quality, the longer your warranty will be, and if you choose a local company to take care of the installation, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that they are just a phone call away if you need them.

9. Are They Transparent With Pricing And Company Details?

A reliable and trusted artificial grass installer will provide you with their business credentials upfront and be completely transparent with their pricing. They’ll give you a written quotation, listing what is included and what is not, and they will provide you with an approximate installation date at the time of doing your initial quotation. A genuine fake grass company such as Artificial Super Grass has nothing to hide, and as they thrive on customer referrals and recommendations, they are 100% committed to customer satisfaction.

10. Can You Speak To The Company Owner?

Finally, if you are still not sure if you have found the right synthetic grass installer for your garden, ask if you can speak to the company owner. Any local business owner will be happy to chat with potential customers, either in person or by phone and establish trust between both parties. Neil Conway, managing director of Artificial Super Grass, is always on hand to discuss landscaping projects with new customers. He's a professional installer himself, so you'll often find him delivering Artificial Grass in Harrogate and surrounding areas. He takes pride in transforming Yorkshire's landscapes into green and pleasant gardens one at a time, and he looks forward to being of service to you.

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