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Home Value Increases with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a viable alternative to the natural grass for homeowners. It not only provides a perfect, tailored layout for garden & backyard area, but can also help create a vibrant green area in other places, like balcony, patio, home interiors and more.

There are many benefits associated with installing pet friendly artificial grass, like no maintenance cost, natural-grass look & feel throughout the year, augmentation of curb appeal of the home, and more. One of the substantial improvements that it can provide homeowners is the increase in property value.

How does artificial grass improve home resale value?

  • More often than not, landscaping is the first and most considerable factor that a homebuyer looks for in a property. If your property is well-organized and designed, reflecting an artistic charm and taste, then it will surely appeal to the buyer.
  • Statistics predict that good landscaping can help in increasing the property value by up to 30%. This can be significantly achieved by properly customizing and re-designing your home outdoor and open area with carefully planned artificial grass layout, which will remain same throughout the year, even in extreme temperatures.
  • A noticeable benefit associated with artificial grass installation is that you can design your home area in specific and thematic designs, which will give your property a unique and tastefully reflective look. This should be done keeping in mind the improvement of the property as a whole, in synchronization with your property’s infrastructure and construction.
  • Installing fake grass for gardens and other outdoor areas is also highly cost-effective in the long run, as artificial grass lasts a very long time, supposedly for 10-20 years, easily, without watering, mowing, fertilizers, or trimming. This low maintenance will help you save a good amount of money over the course of time, providing you with great returns when selling the property.
  • The property will be environmentally efficient as well, as there will be less wastage of water. This will help you save water expenditure.
  • With child and pet-friendly artificial grass, the potential property buyers can look forward to a healthy period for their kids and pets, a feature not all properties can offer.
  • You can also enjoy recreational benefits with artificial grass, like a backyard putting green, and more. This will provide an added feature, resulting in overall increase in property value.

It all depends on how you have designed and re-created your home’s aesthetic appeal using fake grass for gardens. All you need is professional advice and some good research, and with little effort you can extensively improve your home value by a great margin.

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