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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Why not try renovating your lawns, gardens, decking, or balcony with artificial grass. Installing an artificial lawn area is easy as long as you follow a DIY artificial grass installation guide. |
For DIY artificial grass installations follow the steps below which explain 5 pointers to obtaining a wonderful new synthetic grass area:
Measuring your area: It’s always better to do thorough research on the project area, It’s suggested that before you plan on installing artificial grass do a little calculation; measure the length and width of the required area at least twice before placing an order for artificial turf. Also, allow plenty of overhangs to allow trimming with a knife.
Keep base even: For laying out the perfect surface for artificial lawn installations, make sure the sub-base is flat enough for installation. Use a compactor plate to compact your base layer of sharp sand until it’s flat. Remember, the surface doesn’t need to be level. Slight gradients are fine for artificial grass areas.

Go for variations: Why not add a curve to give your artificial grass garden that truly professionally designed look? Or maybe add a few old railway sleepers to give it an old authentic look, new against old certainly works in today’s modern garden. Alternatively adding new railway sleepers would gain that crisp, clean-looking finish. If you are really adventurous think of adding a few outdoor LED lights, these are available in an array of colours and really do bring any garden to life at night.

Artificial Lawn Maintenance: After you have installed your artificial grass it is advised that you should give your new designer artificial lawn a brush, stiff yard brushes are recommended. Every 2 to 3 months brush it against the pile to keep it looking great all year round. Also recommended is the use of a garden vacuum to suck leaves, debris, and seeds that may have been blown over or dropped by birds flying overhead.

Minimalize Joints and waste: Artificial grass can be laid in any direction, but the best way to do so is to minimalize waste, dependent upon the dimensions of your project will determine the way in which to lay your artificial lawn. Also, another factor to consider is the amount of joints you will require in your fake lawn area, always try to keep them to a minimum. If at all possible lay your artificial grass so no joints are needed.

To get your garden laid out correctly you should follow the standardized practice and avoid artificial grass installation mistakes. It would be more useful if you consult your Astro turf suppliers, who will help you fully with rightful installation tips. Sculpt your space in the most creative way in your balcony or garden area, installing less-maintenance-required artificial grass in Rotherham, or wherever you live in the UK.

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